My Secret To A Heavenly Sleep

A few drops of Empathy Essential Zen Blend on a tissue tucked under my pillow at night is my secret to a heavenly sleep

A facial toner is a must in my beauty regime and Empathy Hydrating Face Mist quite simply a dream. A calming cocktail of chamomile, lavender and hyaluronic acid refreshes, plumps and perfects skin. My favourite place to use this one is on plane—bye bye dehydration and travel-weary skin!


I consider myself an aficionado when it comes to body products—I’ve tried countless and loved few. I don’t like anything too greasy, overly fragranced or heavy feeling. A dream product combo now on replay in my bathroom is Empathy Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil and Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion.

Depending on the season and what type of moisture my skin craves, this duo is golden. Products literally melt upon application and deliver nothing but smooth skin kissed with Empathy’s calming signature scents.

Written by Alison McGill

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