What People Are Saying



“One of my go-to products from Empathy is the Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion. The first ingredient in the body lotion is Purified Water so I knew it was going to be super hydrating, and it is! The Citrus Blend scent is soft and fresh and perfect for applying after the shower. The pump on the bottle is easy to use and the hole is small and doesn’t create that hard piece of lotion in between uses.”


Editor-in-Chief, Weddingbells

“I consider myself an aficionado when it comes to body products—I’ve tried countless and loved few. I don’t like anything too greasy, overly fragranced or heavy feeling. A dream product combo now on replay in my bathroom. Products literally melt upon application and deliver nothing but smooth skin kissed with Empathy’s calming signature scents.”


Lifestyle Expert

“This will be in my purse on the red carpet this TIFF! Amazingly hydrating and sure to freshen you up when you’re on the go.”