Empathy has also partnered with Brands for Canada (BFC), a charity that ensures Canadians living below the poverty line have access to proper clothing and other basic essentials necessary for a dignified and prosperous life.

Empathy has donated over 20,000 bottles of our 3-in-1 Harmony soap to over 1000 schools in the GTA through our chosen charity Brands For Canada. Our Harmony line has reached thousands of students and their families and is now part of the BFC United Hearts permanent school program that provides students care packs to Canadians living in need. Harmony is manufactured in Canada by Empathy Brand INC.


We want to truly care for others, and make sure communities are the focus of our business. By creating effective personal-care products using natural ingredients, we’re serving Canadian communities and the Earth first.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or donating to the Empathy Movement.